In keeping in line with our mission to provide strength for all, one of our goals is to offer sliding scale programs to increase access to powerlifting and weightlifting training for populations and individuals who will benefit the most.

The first program being developed by the Women’s Strength Coalition will be a low- to no-cost training group for women looking to learn powerlifting as a way to combat disordered eating habits and behaviors. We’ve seen through our own experiences that training for strength directly corresponds to improvements in mental health issues regarding body image and self worth.

The group will discuss each individual’s experiences, and work to create a safe space for women to train, support each other, and lift one another up.

Sales from this tank top will go directly to funding the program. It may take months, or even a year, to get fully funded and off the ground. We are beginning efforts now, and making those efforts as strong as possible, in order to make this goal a reality.

If you’d like to learn more about the program as it develops, e-mail