WSC’s mission is to build stronger communities through increased access to strength training. We envision a world where everyone has equal opportunity to express their voice and embrace their power.

Theory Behind Our Work

Strength and resilience are necessary in order for individuals to advocate for themselves and communities to resist oppression. Feeling safe and strong in our bodies directly informs our ability to effectively take part in and lead social justice movements.

There is a concrete connection between physical activity, mental health, and self-efficacy, yet access to fitness infrastructure, health education, and mental health care is limited for those that would benefit from it the most.

Recognizing this disparity, the Women’s Strength Coalition aims to provide that space, training, and care to individuals and communities while raising awareness and increasing support for local, state, and national social justice nonprofits. We want to empower more people to become active citizens and advocate for issues that are important to them.

We leverage physical strength and mental resilience development to help people take ownership of their bodies and minds while building confidence, stamina, and community.


Holistic Approach

The WSC believes that a holistic approach to being an active member of society is the foundation of strong communities. WSC events support existing local efforts, and are a new, fun way for individuals to advocate for important issues.

We believe that strength training is a gateway to long term change, and that increased mental and physical stamina is just the beginning. Experiences of achieving goals, challenging oneself, striving for personal success while supporting others and positively impacts self-esteem and informs the individual at home, work, and all of life.


What’s Next

Traditionally, conversations about exercise focus on the individual making change in their own life. We want to shift the conversation and focus on how exercise and strength training are tools to help build strong, resilient communities. The first step is access. We are working to support efforts around the country, uplift inclusive gyms, and help make strength training accessible, safe, and fun for everyone. Our network of gyms features community spaces that align with these goals.

In order to be of service to our community, we need to make sure we are truly listening to what the community needs.

Our next phase of work is to open our first nonprofit space in New York City, for cis and transgender women, and LGBTQ individuals. We aim to connect members with sliding scale programs that unite fitness training with mental health services and care by licensed professionals. The space will also function as a gathering ground for free instruction by mentors on a multitude of topics that promote health and personal growth, including but not limited to, proper nutrition, career development, and seminars on social justice issues.

Our first sliding-scale programs are currently under development and will launch fall 2018.

The Women’s Strength Coalition is a registered 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.


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