WSC’s mission is to build stronger communities through increased access to strength training. We envision a world where everyone has equal opportunity to express their voice and embrace their power.

Theory Behind Our Work

Literal physical strength and space is necessary to resist oppression and advocate for ourselves.

There is a demonstrable connection between physical activity and mental health, yet access to fitness infrastructure and education is limited for those that would benefit from training the most. Mental health care costs are alarmingly high and inaccessible to many. Feeling safe and strong in our bodies directly informs our ability to effectively take part in and lead social justice movements.

Recognizing this disparity, the Women’s Strength Coalition aims to provide that space, training, and care. In addition, community events around the country serve to raise awareness and funds for local, state, and national social justice nonprofits, and allow for more members of the population to become active citizens and advocate for pressing issues.

Our purpose is to allow for internal strength development so that we can take ownership of our bodies and minds, while building confidence, stamina, and community.


Holistic Approach

The WSC believes in a holistic approach to being an active member of society and builds strong communities from the ground up. WSC events give power back to the people and are a new way to advocate for important issues. We are creating new tools for social change to promote different avenues of action and personal development.

Increasing mental and physical stamina through the act of repetitive training builds the necessary mindset to work towards hard goals. Being able to create sustained and long term change is felt and experienced on the gym floor, and informs the individual at home, work, and on the street.


What’s Next

Outreach that focuses on cultivating actual power through strength and exercise has the potential to change the perception of what individuals are capable of. This shifts the conversation surrounding empowerment and capacity for change to one that is intrinsic to the individual and the community. We are creating our network of gyms to ensure all community members are heard, and have a voice, as we seek to improve the lives of others. We want to unite efforts around the country, and uplift inclusive gyms, lifters, and altruistic, forward thinkers, so that we can grow our reach and achieve our mission.

In order to be of service to our community, we need to make sure we are truly listening to what the community needs.

The WSC’s next phase of work is to open our first nonprofit space in New York City called the People’s Strength Coalition, for cis and transgender women, and LGBTQ individuals. There we will connect members with sliding scale programs that unite fitness training with mental health services and care by licensed professionals. The space will also function as a gathering ground for free instruction by mentors on a multitude of topics that promote health and personal growth, including but not limited to, proper nutrition, career development, and seminars on social justice issues from an array of voices and political beliefs.

Our first program is currently being developed. It will serve cis and transgender women with a history of eating disorder behavior, and encourage them to grow strong and powerful, at a sliding scale.


The Women’s Strength Coalition is a registered 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.



Personal Info

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All profits from the sale of our merchandise will go towards the creation of this program, and the opening of our community space.



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