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Brooklyn Athletic Club, Host of LFPP NYC

Brooklyn Athletic Club is a state of the art training facility with trainers who are ready to coach you to your best performance in a group or personal setting. Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this four-story gym has anything you could ever need to train. Strength and Conditioning classes, yoga, spin, abs and glutes, dedicates strength coaches, endless pools, and more. 

Kenmore Barbell & Fitness, Host of LFPP Buffalo

Kenmore Barbell & Fitness was started for one reason and one reason only; to help people become STRONGER Everyday. This private training facility in Buffalo, NY specializes in personal training, weight loss, athletic performance training, powerlifting, strength and conditioning, functional training, Olympic weight lifting, and more.

Murder Of Crows Barbell Club, Host of Pull For Pride NYC

Murder of Crows Barbell is an elite weightlifting and powerlifting facility in the heart of Brooklyn. With over 18 dedicated platforms, this large space is a powerlifter’s or weightlifter’s dream come true. The facility also offers expert coaching to club members and open lifting members.

Movement Minneapolis

The Movement Minneapolis uses a revolutionary training style that allows you to tap into exactly works best for your body from one moment to the next. That’s not lip service: We use biofeedback testing to determine what you will do every workout. Each session is individualized based on how you can make the most progress toward your stated goals.


Phin & Phebes Ice Cream
Phin & Phebes, LFPP & PFP NYC Sponsor
Iron Strong Jewelry, Sponsor of LFPP NYC
Shag Brooklyn, Sponsor of LFPP NYC
Children Of Defiance, Sponsor of LFPP NYC
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