While many strides have been made in civil rights and societal acceptance for LGBTQ people, it only takes a closer look at LGBTQ youth to see that this population has not necessarily benefitted from mainstream political victories and is still incredibly vulnerable. 

A lot of young LGBTQ people experiencing homelessness have similar needs, but LGBTQ youth are not a monolithic population. Within the acronym, the needs of youth can differ significantly depending on their identities.

Not all homeless youth sleep on the streets or go to shelters. Sometimes, being homeless looks a little different, and it’s harder to see.


In accordance with our mission of using our collective strength to benefit the world in a meaningful way, The Women’s Strength Coalition’s June 2018 Pull for Pride Fundraiser will benefit select organizations that provide direct support to LGBTQ youth struggling with homelessness.


Learn more about our beneficiary organizations below: