To build stronger communities through increased access to strength training.


We envision a world where everyone has equal opportunity to express their voice and embrace their power.


The Women’s Strength Coalition is committed to:


  • Increasing Access: We seek to break down barriers to strength training, while acknowledging and dismantling the privilege that makes it prohibitive to many.
  • Strength for All: We are a platform for diverse voices, and as such remain dedicated to uplifting all experiences equally.
  • Collaboration: We provide support and visibility for existing nonprofits and organizations that align with our mission, as a way to make greater, sustainable change.
  • Meaningful Partnerships: We are building a network of community leaders, like-minded fitness professionals, and affiliate gyms, to unify and strengthen efforts on a larger scale.



Inform individuals of all orientations and identities of the mental and physical benefits of training for strength.

  • Publish articles and interviews on our blog demonstrating the ways in which physical strength translates to mental resilience and power.
  • Discuss identity as it relates to cultural and societal normative values to promote progressive, evolving mindsets.
  • Provide sliding-scale programs, online coaching, and group classes led by licensed professionals, to increase access to fitness training


Develop a positive environment for conversation and community focused on health, inclusion, and equality.

  • Build an online network for fitness-industry nonprofits to answer questions and provide guidance to emerging organizations.
  • Match volunteers to nonprofits according to interest and location.
  • Introduce experienced and beginner lifters to one another and assist in forming chapters in cities across the country.


Create opportunities, spaces, and events that are inclusive, safe, and uplifting for the purpose of benefiting community organizations and causes consistent with WSC’s mission and goals.

  • Host powerlifting and weightlifting related events and competitions that allow for all identities to participate.
  • Raise money for vital nonprofits and organizations that promote equality across a multitude of issues, such as health care, education, civil rights, and visibility.
  • Call for inclusion in pre-existing sports and athletic organizations that lack sound structure surrounding transgender participation.
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