Much of the fitness industry tells us that our bodies are never enough – or more commonly – that they are too much. Liberation Barbell calls bullshit on that! 

Perspective has helped me a lot. Take things as they are, and appreciate the things you have control of.

Keep reminding yourself, “This is going to get better. I have a plan. I have to stick to the plan, and be patient enough to let the plan work, so I can get back to where I need to be.”

I don’t believe “normal” exists. I define “normal” as society sees it, as the part of ourselves that we’re comfortable sharing with everyone else, that we feel will be accepted. The reality is, all of us, regardless of background, are hiding a part of ourselves that we are afraid either won’t be accepted, or won’t be accepted in the way we’d like. 

Smart Fit Girls is a program that teaches adolescent girls how to love their bodies by embracing their own strength.

A preventative organization that empowers girls before they became victims. I want to see them get their voice and identity from a place of strength.

I hope other women out there fall in love with powerlifting as much as I have. Powerlifting truly saved my life, and I hope it helps other people who have also suffered with mental illness.

Lifting has saved my life. I’m not exaggerating at all. It gave me something to focus on that is in no way tied to how I look. 

I’m a professional natural bodybuilder in the WNBF, which sort of happened by accident. I never intended to compete in bodybuilding. I was purely a numbers-chaser for years. 

Training for strength has changed me profoundly.

To me, lifting is a feminist act. I do this because I control my own body. I am becoming larger and louder and taking up more space. I am not quiet and I am not small and I am not cute and I don’t exist for you. In defiance of expectations: to be where I want to be, rather than just where I am expected.

Lifting gave me a reason to ditch all my bad habits at a point in my life where I had very little mental energy or incentive to do so.

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