Movement For Trauma- Training With Jane Clapp

Movement For Trauma, 101


Are you a strength coach, yoga or pilates instructor, or holistic personal trainer? You already have clients working through traumatic stress as it presents in their bodies, whether you know it or not. 


Become more informed and intelligent about the impact of traumatic stress on our physiology, tissues and brains so you can make your teaching and training more transformational and lasting. Learn how to develop healthy physical, psychological and emotional boundaries with all your clients through tapping into the intelligence of your own body during sessions. 



  • Introduction to Jane's A.R.T. framework for working with trauma as it presents in the body and overview of cutting edge neuroscience of trauma. 
  • A foundational and experiential understanding of how different types of trauma impact the autonomic nervous system and fascial system and introduction to polyvagal theory and the  vagus nerve. 
  • The impact of different types and intensities of movement on fight, flight, freeze, collapse and attach. Tools and strategies for assessing a client's nervous system, regulating the ANS during a session and simple ways to resource a client outside sessions. 
  • Understanding our scope of practice when working with clients' histories of chronic and severe trauma and introduction to holding healthy boundaries with clients to prevent secondary trauma. 
  • The foundations of creating a safe space for clients and how trauma impacts pelvic health. No personal disclosure necessary.


 You will make a greater impact on the quality of life for all your clients, whether they are dealing with the trauma of everyday life or more severe histories of trauma. 


Be the holistically minded and informed expert who clients trust and partner with in their evolution, healing and growth. Live your purpose in your work, fully and completely.


Please be aware that Movement for Trauma is not a therapeutic treatment modality for mental health conditions associated with trauma but, instead, a complement to mental health care and psychotherapy.

COST: $470 (Early bird cost)


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We will be giving out a limited number of scholarships and sliding scale spots. If you are interested in applying, click here. The last date to apply is August 10.


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Location: The Studio School, 117 West 95th Street, Manhattan

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