Field Day


Gather some friends to have fun while raising money for a good cause.
End Your Summer with Us

What better way to end your summer than participating in a Field Day?

Join us for a fun filled event at McCarren Park on September 10th to raise money for Rise Youth Athletics!

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Revisit Your Childhood

Potato Sack Race

Tug of War

Dizzy Bat + Egg Carry

Water Balloon Relay

Mystery 5th Event!

Team Games and Prizes

We'll have teams of three, with a grand prize for the overall winning team! Register your entire team, or solo and be added to a team! 

If your team wants to sign up separately, simply note the team name on the individual registration form.

Individual Athlete Challenges

Sled race

Tire flip

Sandbag race

Farmer's Walk

Standing long jump


We'll have some great food for participants. 

We're solidifying the vendor and menu options, but as the date draws nearer we'll update our athletes on what will be available! Buy a food ticket beforehand, and enjoy the day of!

We'll have the team games going at different points to ensure every team squares off against each other. In the end, there will be only one winning team. (But, we'll have prizes for the top three!)

Throughout the day, team games will be broken up by individual athletic challenges, so that teams can rest, eat, and enjoy watching friends flip tires and push sleds. Sign up for as many of these challenges as you wish, even if you're not participating in the team games!

We highly encourage you to get creative with your team name and uniform. 

Rules briefing will take place at 12pm. There will be a demo for all athletic challenges.




Free Kids Class with Rise Youth Athletics

1:30 PM | Ages 6 - 12

Bring the kids to Field Day!

They'll enjoy a completely free 30-minute class, courtesy of the excellent coaches at Rise Youth Athletics.



Start Time
12:00 PM
Sunday, September 10, 2017
Finish Time
05:00 PM
Sunday, September 10, 2017
McCarren Park, Brooklyn, NY 11222


A Letter From Rise Youth Athletic's Executive Director

Traditional physical education centers on sport specific fitness.  Sadly most children, especially inner city youth, do not have the base level of physical literacy so many of us take for granted.  Physical literacy pertains to a person's general fitness abilities including throwing, catching, running or jumping.  Often termed the A,B,Cs of fitness, physical literacy encompasses one's agility, balance, coordination, speed, stamina, cardio-respiratory endurance and strength to name a few.  Studies show that a lack of physical literacy prevents children from fully participating in life due to a decrease in self-confidence.  Life includes physical fitness, play, academic pursuits, social interactions and general risk taking.  

Without the basic foundation of physical literacy, children opt out of neighborhood pick up games, free play and organized sports.  In the process, the opportunities to learn life skills like problem solving, leadership, integrity, negotiation and sportsmanship, without adult intervention are lost.  Children have limited coping skills and life becomes a scary place.  It becomes easier to opt out then put your best foot forward.  They learn to accept the status quo during their formative years. 

Today's youth face additional distractions like the advancements in technology, video games and other sedentary activities.  In addition, urban youth have greater barriers to participation including personal safety, places to play, poverty and the burden of adult responsibilities at home.  Many of the children we work with parent younger siblings after school.  Their access to develop their physical literacy and thus their life skills is non-existent.  Our programs, offered in school, take away the barriers to entry and provide kids with a safe, supportive environment where they learn the basic skills. Each day we offer opportunities for children to succeed and win, whether it's jumping on a box they think is too high, holding a plank or performing a complex movement.  They don't have to be the most talented, or the fastest, they simply need to trust and participate, to dip their toes in and test the water and see what is possible. 

Rise Youth Athletics complements traditional physical education classes in increasing the less athletic student's abilities as well as maintaining and developing a more elite athlete's progress.  As you may suspect, fitness is the bonus.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for kids to succeed, building self-confidence that then transcends into every aspect of their lives.  Our hope is to assist in developing the whole person, a child with dreams powered by the belief that they can achieve those dreams, whatever they may be.  Circumstances aren't always alterable, but armed with the right skills and tools they become mere challenges.  Join us in taking on the challenges!

Yours in total health,

Michele Kelber, Esq. Executive Director 






Michele Kelber, Esq.
Executive Director





Brooklyn Athletic Club is a state of the art training facility with trainers who are ready to coach you to your best performance in a group or personal setting. Our approach to fitness is based on coaching as it provides a full spectrum of training. From proper technique to detailed training plans to recovery, a coach is someone who is invested in you as an athlete and your progress.  We believe that cross training is a vital key in success as it challenges your body and reduces the risk of injury. That is why we have unlimited fitness classes (spin, pilates, yoga, glutes and abs) in each membership and also have endless pools for low impact training. Recovery, relaxation, and community (or team) are just as important as training which is why we offer infrared sauna sessions, massage therapy, physical therapy, and community events to provide the most dynamic training experience possible.

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