I have been going through a grieving phase with my body. Comparison has not been my best friend and I have been feeling a bit unfit lately. I look at past pictures of myself and think “wow I was so strong," or, "I was so fit/muscular." Now, I see nothing but back fat and cellulite. I am in what I call “body grief.” Does it mean I have died from the physically fit body that I had?

Kortney’s passion for her work is electric, but that passion comes from a dark place. A former addict, Kortney overcame her addiction with the help of lifting (and recovery, of course), and has spent much of her life working to help others avoid addiction and other forms self harm. Still, after 8 years, she is working harder than ever to remain sober. “The longer you stay sober, the more you need to be involved. The insanity of being an alcoholic is you forget how bad it got." READ MORE

As I continued lifting, I made a deal with my mother: if I continued to hit Personal Records (PRs), she would continue to fight. Our pact was solid! I soared with my newbie gains --adding 10 pounds to my lifts each week and my mom overcame a health challenge. It was a rhythm that was designed purely on my goal to gain more strength to give to her when I visited the hospital. I believed my chi sustained her. READ MORE

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