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The desire to be physically strong and to defy social and cultural definitions of “femininity” has been a fiery catalyst for women to push aside their insecurities and venture out into the traditional “men’s club” of the gym floor – the weight room.  At times, a woman’s journey for strength and self-discovery may also be spotted with stories of stigma and backlash that can be specifically sourced from one’s own ethnic background.  

Nicola Paviglianiti has a Masters of Science in Humanitarian Action from University College Dublin, a Masters of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies from Uppsala University, and BSc Honours Specialization in Health Sciences from Western University.The aim of her research was to examine participants’ experiences of lifting weights and the sport of powerlifting in high-density suburbs in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The female lifting experience is often defined in relation to men. We are seen as weaker; we are supposed to be smaller. And, in instances when we are, in fact, stronger, we are sexualized or otherwise diminished. What’s going on here? Read More.

Too many lifters look only at the short term results and are scared to gain weight, preventing them from reaching their long-term potential. Read More.

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